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Burj Khalifa Sales Pitch

“Che, yakagin mo sila d’yan sa office na magpunta sa Burj Dubai opening!” I told Che on 4th January.
“Sige ikaw magsabi, ilalagay kita sa speaker phone,” Che answered and pressed something. I was quite close with some of her officemates, “Oh ayan! Go! Orlee!”

“Hello!? Guys! Tara na sa Burj Dubai opening mamaya! May light and sounds show ng 8PM. Iilawan ang building ng 9PM. Tapos may fireworks na after” I told whoever was listening.

Rhuthie answered, “Orlee! Maglalaba ako mamaya! Di ako pwede.”
I answered, “Ruthie imagine-in mo: Tallest building in the world!!! Bubuksan NGAYON!!! Nasa Dubai kayo tapos ‘di kayo pupunta? History kaya to!”

I guess my sales pitch worked because Rhuthie answered, “Orlee, papunta na ako ngayon. On the way na.”

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Burj Khalifa Directions

After the Burj Khalifa openning, we were walking towards the Metro station when we overheard one Filipino guy on the phone walking pass us, “Hello!? Saan na kayo? Nandito na ako sa tabi ng ginagawang building.”

Wait! Wait! Wait! I think you have made quite a few argumentative situation there, my kababayan:
1. Burj Khalifa Downtown is a big construction site. Which building are we talking about?
2. Let us suppose that you and your friend were talking about the same building, which side of the building are we talking about?

Upon hearing this, Ronald and Tem played around with that line:
“Nandito na ako sa tabi ng puno, saan na kayo?”
Tanaw ko na ang Burj. Saan na kayo?”
“Nakaapak ako sa halamanan, saan na kayo?”

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Bag Issues

At the Burj Khalifa (formerly Buj Dubai) opening, while the crowd was looking up and anticipating the much awaited fireworks display, one cannot help but look down.
I was with Tem that night and we noticed that one lady laid down her LV bag. Louis Vuitton on the floor!

“Tem, tignan mo!”
“Wow! Ako nga Zara lang ‘di ko na mailapag eh. Baka fake ‘yan!” blurted my sister, who held her bag for 3 hours standing waiting for the tallest tower to open.


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