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Sleep Talkin’ 6: Sa Gubat

“Bet, nanaginip ka nanaman kagabi,” Ronald told me.
“Ano sabi ko?”
“Sabi mo, ‘Saan? Saan?…. Sa gubat!'”
I laughed. I knew I saw Jumanji that day, maybe that triggered my sub-conscious mind.
“Naku! Pag nanaginip ka nang multo siguro matatakot ako.”
“Imagine-in mo,” I told Ronald, “Pano kaya kung bigla akong sumigaw nang: ANO YANG NASA TABI MO? MULTO?”
“Naaaaaayyyyyy!!!” He screamed, “Baka suntukin kita para magising ka.”

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Bilingual Dubai Metro

The much awaited Dubai Metro opened on 09.09.09 at exactly 9:09 PM.

Ronald and I tried it for the first time on the first Saturday after it openned. We rode from Deira City Centre Station to Mall of Emirates Station. We bought Silver 20-AED Nol cards. After doing the two stations (two-way!) what was left was a humble AED 5. Shuhada!


After trying it, I asked myself, “Eto na ‘yun? Mas mabilis pa ang mga kotse sa Sheikh Zayed Road!”

It was kinda funny (and of course useful) that all voice over instructions were bilingual: Arabic and English. Unfortunately, the announcement for: “Please stand clear of the doors,” is announced in both languages, Arabic first! I told Ronald, “Naipit na ang ‘di naka intindi ng Arabic,” because they would announce it first in Arabic then closes the door while the English translation is still being announced.

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Post Birthday Blog

Ann asked me, “September 11 ka rin?”
“Hala!” she looked worried, “Ka-birthday mo ‘yung kapatid ko! Baka maging abnormal rin ‘yun!”


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Made in the Philippines

Sanay (pronounced: Sa-ney), my Indian colleague asked me, “Orlee, what is the prime export of the Philippines?”

I then contemplated, when  I was in elementary I knew it was some sort of agricultural product. Was it rice? Corn? Then came the Industrial Park Developments. Did it become electronic items? Semi-conductors? I was really not sure… Then the light bulb lit up in my head. As chocolate is to Switzerland, it was labor force for the Philippines.

So I answered, “Migrant Workers.”
He chuckled and asked, “Seriously?”
“Yes,” I’m afraid so.

I remembered this one song from the now defunct show Tropang Trumpo (to the tune of Handog ng Pilipino): Handog ng Pilipino sa mundo: Contract workers, alipin at agogo…


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