Basketballer Orlee

04 Sep

bbPeople ask me, “Ang tangkad mo, bakit ‘di ka mag-basketball?”
I would then tell them about my past basketball fame…

Basketball? Naku! Tapos na ako d’yan. Nung kabataan ko nga ako pa ang nagiging MVP sa mga laro sa amin eh. May trophy pa ako. Well. Sawa na ako d’yan. Ah oo nga pala grade 4 ako nun. Tapos 3 kaming magpipinsan. Trophy ko tablang may alambre saka bola.

Fast forward to the future, after years of non-basketballing, my colleagues in BPI Bancassurance asked me, “Orlee, tara sama ka mag-ba-basketball tayo?”
I didn’t play basketball (or any other sports for that matter) so I told them, “Hindi ako marunong eh.” I was totally being honest. I really didn’t know how to play basketball anymore. I’ve focused on  my music more during my highshcool and college days.
“Ok lang!” My colleagues told me, “Lahat naman tayo ‘di magaling.”
I guess they didn’t hear me right, ‘Di ako marunong’ and they assumed ‘Di ako magaling’ so I told myself, Challenge din to. Tagal ko na ‘di nag-ba-basketball. So I’ve decided to come with.

During the game, I really was dressed the part. Shoes, shorts and jersey. I was nervous as hell. After sitting for awhile in the bench and watch my colleagues play, I told myself, ‘Madali lang to.’
“Orlee, pasok ka!”
I entered the court. It was a new feeling. Basketball. I could do this again. I can go back to my roots. I could get that real MVP trophy that I’ve always dreamt. When they passed me the ball, I felt part of the team. It was a —
“Orlee, Travelling!!!”

“Huh? Travelling? Ano yun?” I asked them.
After explaining what travelling was I understood that I cannot do that again.
The game continued, I ran with the team then passed the ball to me and when I was about to shoot–
“Travelling again!”

After the game ended, my colleagues told me, “Orlee, nung sinabi mo palang ‘di ka marunong mag-basketball, talaga palang ‘di ka marunong mag-basketball…”

A few days after the guys were talking again, “Ano basketball tayo?” “Sige!”
I asked them, “Sama ako?”
They all looked at me, “Orlee, mag-OT ka na lang. Trabaho ka lang. Focus on your career.”

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One response to “Basketballer Orlee

  1. better

    September 4, 2009 at 3:00 PM


    atleast malaki ang naitulong nila for your career…

    naks nasa dubai kana…executive in dubai


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