My Sister’s Nick

03 Sep

My sister‘s nickname is cool, right? Tem. Simple and cute. Well it isn’t just Tem – it’s Tembol.

Who’s to blame? Lola Pinang! Lola Pinang who also gave the famous nicknames Richiepay to Ate Richie and Olay to Paula.

Tem was born Roxane (Rox-seyn) so Nanay decided to give her a ‘sosi’ nickname Shane (Rox-shane). But Lola Pinang, being the musically forward person that she is, sang a song – She-Shamebol Shamebol Shamebol…
And before we knew it, Shembol became her official nickname. Until evolution took its course and  it became TEMBOL.

Nanay still regrets it, “Ewan ko ba d’yan sa lola n’yo! Walang ka-sosyal sosyal. Shane na naging Tembol pa!”


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One response to “My Sister’s Nick

  1. Paula

    January 12, 2010 at 3:54 PM

    :)) Tembol. Haha


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