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Part of being a proud bookworm and bibliophile is to boast books that I’ve read (hundreds of it) and my opinion on certain authors and novels (Stephanie Myer = Bad version of JK Rowling).

I like time travel stories and contemporary novels. I also like to explore new authors and exotic reads. Hindi erotic.
A big NO for me is to read those girly novels and chick reads: Shopaholic of the Yaya Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.
My bookclubmates already know this but they complained, “Explore new authors nga ‘di ba?”
But I still insist, “Sana may ibang choice.”

I was assigned to decide which book to read for August and I’ve decided for the book club to read Of Mice and Men by Jon Steinbeck.
Fri-fri will decide the read for September and she told us, “Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers.”
Yesterday, when I went to Magrudy’s I walked the walk and talked the talk, “Umm, excuse me,” I feel proud buying books for myself, makes me feel as if I’m a professional book critic, “Do you have the Life on the Refrigerator Door book by Alice Kuipers?”
The sales clerk checked his computer, “Yes, sir. Follow me.”
We walked passed by fiction. Ah, thriller ang genre.
We then passed Horror and Thriller. Science fiction siguro?
After passing that section, also, he then turned to Young Adult and grabbed the bright pink book.
I kinda felt shy buying a book with flowers on the cover so I defended myself and spoke outloud, “Ummmm, aahhhhh,  my friend chose this.”
The sales guys told himself, “Whatever sir.”


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Employment Perks

A few weeks ago, Ronald and DJ were reminiscing about their former posts.
Ronald, who used to work for Dunkin’ Donuts, said,”Dati oh! Lagi kaming may libreng donut tuwing magsasara na.”
“Talaga!? Wow! Ang sarap naman nun,” I told him.
“Wala ‘yan sa amin,” DJ answered, “May libre kaming kahit anong drink sa Starbucks.” She used to work for the coffee giant.
“Eh di pwede kang mamigay?” I asked her.
“Oo, Bhe! Mga pinsan ko nga nakaabang na sa uwi ko. Kinokontrata na ang iuuwi kong kape. Nakakasawa na rin kasi,” she answered.
“Eh kayo? Anong libre sa work mo?” They asked me.
“Ummmm…. Meron din! Insurance. Lagi nga kaming may discount sa insurance eh. Ang saya-saya nun. Everyday meron kaming insurance discount.”


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