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The Case of the Missing ‘D’

Because of my male colleagues’ nasty habit of pulling the paper towels from the holder abruptly (in the male comfort room), some papers fall on the floor. Good thing Admin posted a sign on the tissue paper holder: USED TOWELS ON THE BIN PLEASE, NOT ON THE FLOOR.

One smart ass colleague, I dunno who, thought the grammar was wrong and carefully, take note ‘carefully’, tore the letter ‘D’ on the sign. Now it doesn’t make sense!


Go ahead! Use the paper towel inside the trash bin! … Not on the floor. Huh?

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OFW: Who’s Fault Is It?

Because of the gloom of leaving your family and your country, you can’t help but think: Why do I need to do this?
Well we all know the answer: For the money.
Next question though is: Who’s fault is this?

That is exactly the topic in the Revo when they saw me off to the airport…
Tem: Kasalanan to ni Gloria.
Me: Actually, hindi si Gloria ang may kasalanan. Kasalanan to ng mga nakaraang presidente.
Nanay: Kung si Marcos pa rin ang presidente, mayaman siguro ang Pilipinas. Dapat ‘di s’ya pinatalsik ni Cory.
X: Ganun po ba ‘yun?
Me: Nanay ko! Pero sabagay kung si Marcos pa rin ang Presidente atleast isa lang ang mayaman. Maganda ang ekonomiya ng Pinas. Ngayon kasi lahat sila mayaman.
Tem: Nay, kung ‘di pinatalsik si Marcos malamang buhay pa ‘yun ano?
Nanay: Oo. Tapos wala na ring mag-aabroad.


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