Daster Disaster

28 Jul

DasterSince Island Cove is very near, a 30 minute drive away, from our place in Imus, my family rarely dress up when we go there. We wore our pambahay. Pambahay meant daster for my mom and my sisters.

Walking to the Fishing Village, some group of women laughed and told ate Mimi, “Miss? Uniform n’yo ba ‘yan?”
Ate Mimi hurriedly told Ate Richie, who didn’t hear the question, also wearing a daster, “Ate, uniform daw tong suot natin.”
Ate Richie and Tem hurriedly ran towards the group of women, and told them, “Anong problema n’yo? Malapit lang kasi ang IslandCove sa amin. Island Cove lang to, we don’t need to dress up. Ano gusto n’yo?”
The women were so frightened that it numbed them. They apologized, “Sorry.”
A silence swept through them and you could hear my sisters growl.
Ate Richie was looking furiously at one woman with the devilish look. The woman weakly said, “Ano ba? Bakit genyan ka makatingin? Nag-sorry na kami.” She was so scared.

Lesson: Don’t wear daster in Island Cove unless you have the nerves to kick some butt.


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