Whitewater Rafting with J

22 Jul

J, Ronald’s then wife, is on the brighter side of the Kikay Spectrum. She is very particular on different activities. Kapag ayaw n’ya, ayaw n’ya.

So when she joined us on the White Water Rafting done in Cagayan River 2 days ago, we were amazed about how well-informed she is during the rafting itself. When the guide screamed, “Paddle forward!” she would reiterate and tell us, “Oh forward!” and eagerly does it.
So I commented, “Wow! Halatang nakinig talaga sa orientation.” She listened to the orientation while X, Ronald and I were attentive on the minimal level. Inuna ang picture-an.
“Yes!” she answered, “Kapag meron kasi akong narinig na ‘di maganda, talagang iiwanan ko kayo.”

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Posted by on July 22, 2009 in Dubai Friends, Journeyman



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