Tondo Theme

22 May

Afew weeks ago, DJ celebrated her birthday. Since she hails from Tondo, Manila, we kiddingly dubbed it TONDO THEMED. It’s not Under the Sea, not Outer Space nor Disney Princess. It was Tondo Theme.

Funny thing that my flatmates took it seriously that everyone wore nothing but shirts, put their feet on their seats and drank vodka straight up. The party was just brewing when I left them at that and went to bed.

Almost at my REM cycle, I heard people screaming:
“Putang-ina! Bakit kayo papayag!? Upakan na natin!!”
“Huy! Tama na ‘yan!”
“Lasing ka lang! Tangnaka!”
“Guys! Tama na ‘yan!”

They had a rumble. Tondo theme certified.

The next morning we told DJ, “Deej, congrats! I heard successful daw ang Tondo-themed party mo kagabi?”

Tambay sa Kanto

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Posted by on May 22, 2009 in Dubai Friends


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One response to “Tondo Theme

  1. DJoan

    May 23, 2009 at 9:30 AM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!!! =)
    .. buti hindi nman umabot sa merong mga ng-drugs at ngkaHOLDAPan… haha!


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